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If you are wanting to shift your automatic like a manual transmission with precision and firmness, we are offering just the product for you! Currently we offer 2 button shift boxes for several different vehicles (See below for a list). We have sold several hundred over the past 7 years and are proud to say the RoadSurge Shift Box is the most reliable shiftbox on the market!

Free shipping as it always has been from day 1! (To anywhere in the US)

What our shift boxes offer :
  • Defaults to 3rd gear to prevent problems incase of power failure.
  • External 7 segment LED display for quick viewing of the current gear.
  • Auto to manual switch allowing you to drive with the TCU or with the shift box.
  • Stand alone capabilities. Our shift box will work without a TCU.
  • RPM limited downshift protection.
  • Programmable up shifts PER GEAR
  • Programmable down shift protection PER GEAR
  • 100% line pressure shifts. Shifts much faster than stock!
  • Limited Lifetime warranty!
  • External shifter setup to allow custom shifters or paddle shifters.

    • Vehicles RoadSurge's Shift box has been installed on :
    • 89-99 Eagle Talon
    • 89-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse
    • 89-94 Dodge Stealth
    • 89-94 3000GT
    • 89-94 Mitsubishi Galant
    • 89-94 Evo
    • 91-95 Mitsubishi Expo / Chariot
    Don't see your vehicle? Contact Us to see if your vehicle will work with the RoadSurge Shift box!

    Why buy a shift box from us? We have been in business for going on 7 years with a 99.9% positive reputation from DSM owners all over the world! Starting with our first 4 button shift box and moving up to our one of a kind 2 button shift box, we have provided the first easy to use shift box to easily shift your transmission. As time has progressed, we have worked to improve the shift box's functionality. With feedback from owners of our shift box, we can develop better and more functional features to make Roadsurge's shift box stand above the rest! We may not be the cheapest, but we ensure quality work, a lifetime guarantee, and excellent customer service! Just ask any other Roadsurge shift box owner! If you want something more from your shift box, please feel free to contact us with your idea! We may implement your idea into every shift box!
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